Fluctuating Medical Frustrations

I started to question my need for my pharmacy shelf. There are entirely too many medications that cause physical debilitations that are now affecting my ability to even use the walker appropriately. Nobody else is willing to help me figure this out. I have to do it by myself.

After Monday’s fiasco getting to the clinic for half an hour and ending up in a wheelchair, I knew I had to take initiative. I bought an under-desk stationary cycle. The next day, a fold up wheelchair. Now we look at the meds.

Why am I taking so many and at such elevated strengths more than once a day? Who is the alarmist? It certainly wouldn’t be me. I’m compliant with all of them, but they’ve already been caught twice screwing with me. It has to stop.

I’m not ignorant or stupid. Everybody needs to stop treating me as if I were. All hail is about to break loose. Get out of my way.