Nan Britton

Quite by accident, I found this book entitled The President’s Daughter. At first I thought it was written by a child. It turns out that at the time it was written, Nan was an adult. It sounded to me as if she were mentally challenged. Perhaps she was.

In some ways it was interesting. In others it was very pathetic. I did understand why she wrote the book. She needed to explain herself. She felt it was the only way she could get the help she needed for her illegitimate child during a time in history that such a thing, no matter who you were, didn’t happen.

Still, she was pathetic. She also made Warren Harding appear very weak. It was true he was charismatic, but it is also true that Flo, his wife, was clearly in charge before and after he died. Flo was also an extremely bitter personality.

Nan, on the other hand, comes across as petulant and spoiled. Like I said, pathetic. I can see her bat her eyelashes and say, “Who, me?” in a very 1920s moving picture sort of way.

During that period of time, Nan’s behavior was typical. I’m trying to adjust out of the 21st Century to the very early 20th. Knowing how my grandmother behaved, my grandfather’s own indiscretions, and how it all fit together with American culture at that time, I’m surprised at how much of the past I understand

EDIT: It insufferable right now. I’m going to walk away for a month and see if it feels better later.