This is sort of a time of moderate anticipation for funds we never needed. Two weeks. Our investments could falsely get used to this. Like I said before, more cookies and books, too. And I can’t wait to send money to my favorite homeless shelters and pet rescuers. I’d complain about the government’s frivolous spending, but I get to help people. I love it.

American newsfeeds are sketchy anymore. I’m going back to Al Jazeera. They’re turning out to be my trustworthy source that tells it like it is, without paparazzi flash. No more BBC, Scottish papers, Silk, Bing, and that sort of flash in your eyes. I truly miss legitimate news.

I’m really tired of The Royals whining on the news, and they let it happen, story after story, seven or eight to a page daily! I also dislike that twit Oprah intensely. I have been less than enamored with her, especially, for over 40 years. She has disgusted me since our unfortunate connections in Chicago that long ago. I walked away from her for a reason back then. It still holds.

So does my disillusionment with Suu Kyi. When I was in Myanmar, also decades ago, she conned me. I’ll never forget that. What’s sad is that she believes herself. Very sad.

Not everyone agrees with me. Honestly, that’s okay. Real life experience does not always trump everyone’s perception of “gang truth”. So be it.