Today in Medical Aggravation

I know that somewhere is the perfect system for taking my mountain of pills. I need to rehabilitate my muscles, too. I can’t stand up straight, I wobble needlessly, and more than 5 times a week my head pounds mercilessly.

Only part of the pounding is due to a neighbor’s venture into the neverland of DIY construction. Another part is the rhythmic beating of my dearest turning his iPad and the floor into a succession of never-ending percussion instruments. Never-ending, I tell you what. Between all of it, and especially because it is constant, my brain injury throbs. Add the hourly launches of SpaceX all night, and you see how easy it is to become a mental case on a daily basis.

Some of this I can handle with my own DIY version of rehab. My insurance version of rehab ran out a long time ago, and though they did what they could with the home care version, they were vastly limited because I wasn’t able to get to an actual rehab facility with all the mechanics involved with that.

Thinking through all the things I once had at my disposal years ago when I was able to physically get to just such a building, I’ve calculated what certain mobile versions would entail and be just as effective. So part of this year’s stimulus will go for an under-counter stationary bicycle, a package of finger manipulators, and I’ll add them to my other equipment, the clay and the plastic ball. I still have no idea how to handle the headaches and dizziness. I just need patience and a consistent schedule.