The Social Media Hype

Sometimes it takes an act of misinterpretation to force you to take a look at your life and take you out of a major rut. Fix things. Become less addicted and move forward.

I had a Facebook account from 2009 to about a month ago. Unfortunately Zuckerberg decided he didn’t like my sarcasm anymore. I had been saying what others had been saying for years. Now, all of a sudden, he chose to bully me, put me in the gulag for a week, then deleted my account. Because of this, I deleted my Instagram account, myself, and decided I didn’t need WhatsApp, Twitter, Reddit, MeWe, or anything like any of them. I opted out of Minds, Medium, Tiktok and all of them, too.

He actually sought me out to do this denial of his Big Tech-ish news. What’s the matter, big boy? Am I all of a sudden a Mean Girl? He gave me no apologies for his being an ass. He doesn’t need to, of course. He has all the money in the world. He is the very definition of capitalism. Pffft. I’m a Warren Buffett fan, myself.

Cross me. Just try it.

The quiet is very blissful. My life has, indeed, changed. I say what I want when I want, thanks to Matt Mullenweg and WordPress and Jimmy Wales and WT Social. I read more. I spend time with my husband and our kitties. I need nothing more than this.