Thanks, anyway.

We must be the only First Worlders who live well within their means. I mean, really. We have food, water, enough clothes, a warm and cozy place to live and one major expense, our 4 cats. And they’re not at all demanding. They require kitty pets and unconditional love, which they freely give in return.

Others perceive us as poor. So the government gives us money for that. I have to ask, why? This latest $1,400 is nice, but why? We didn’t lose our jobs. We’re retired. We eat the same as we did. We’re just still trying to figure this out. Sure, I have Medicaid and EBT, but this stimulus isn’t going to help alleviate these state institutions. They’re still going to be doing their jobs as they should. They will, thankfully for them AND us, still be employed. So, again, why? So the buck stops here, eh? Where? Where does it stop?

You know what I’m going to do with mine? Books. Cookies. Kitty things. A WordPress Premium subscription because I love to blog, and they deserve money for giving me that privilege. Various charitable contributions. The way I see it, even though I don’t need it, somebody else does, and Imma give to them!