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Literature, Ignorance, and Dr. Suess

Yesterday I felt informative. Today, I am, instead, reminded of the ignorance of the masses. They get up in arms over that moment’s perceived hot button – and then we move the heck on to the next hot button. Case in point, pulling a few of Dr. Suess’ legendary stories. Our childhood memories weep.

Do y’all remember the story of Charles Dickens having to rewrite Oliver Twist because he referred to Fagin as The Jew? Some whiny cultural idiot required it. The fact that, in that time period, such a prejudice was noted and was a commonplace environmental identifier would have made a massive statement all by itself. He wasn’t allowed to do so.

Same with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory that originally said the Oompa Loompas were African Pygmies. Especially in the film, they had to change that. Dear Lord, don’t try to make a social statement in your writing. Ever. There are masses who don’t understand the concept of inference. They cannot be taught.

This is why I have been banned from Facebook, but I’m fine with it. My level of sarcasm and inference cannot and will not be understood by the ignorant. The New World Order is pathetic. The now common algorithmic setup in today’s technology is part of the reason why. If it’s not used fairly, it will continue to bastardize the worldview.

To call them dictators would not be wrong.