My glasses…

I swear we have invisible raccoons in our living room, or the crafty Lily has been teaching the others how to snitch and hide my glasses. Of the three pair I have, I do have a favorite. Often they’re well disguised on top of my head, but I surely didn’t put them there! That would be an indicator of my old age! I’m not that old! I’m only 67!

I’m glad I can still read and write. I’m not too tired, and they are the two things I still enjoy doing. So what if I can’t physically count on my body to do anything that requires moving around much. I exercise my mind. That is important.

Positivity two days in a row! Imagine that!

Oh, and by the way, thank you all for following me, sometimes liking what I write, and never failing to be, in some small way, loyal and also giving me positive vibes.