By Golly.

Here in Richmond it will be cold until somewhere near noon. The only real excitement is the fact that this is the third of the month, so it is payday. It is also the day I pay my way around here. Half the money I receive goes to my share of house bills. This time, I also caught us up on cat flea-fighting necessities. And, of course, books. I blatantly bought four books that I’ve wanted for a while.

By golly.

Birds sing, cats rustle around. Eventually the sun also rises. Then there’s coffee, cheerfully provided by my human version of Mr. Coffee. My habit is sated for the time being. Bedmaking was thwarted by sleeping cats. I did damn near everything yesterday, so I have very little to do today except cough and freeze. What the heck.

By golly.

I have an unwarranted massive headache this morning and I had a mysterious sore throat. The headache, because of its location, is probably tied to my brain injury they claim no longer exists. The sore throat? Sarcoidosis-related. I’m doing my best to have positive thoughts, anyway. Maybe my husband won’t try to second guess me today. Not only would that be pleasant, it would be a first!

By golly!