Early Morning Standoffs

Number One: Zuckerberg the Great. (HE thinks…) After this last statement right here, he’s off my list of existing people. Just like DJT, who has not been worth my time since at least the 1970s. I turn my back on both.

On the other hand, my admiration for both Jimmy and Matt grow daily. They mean almost as much to me as Spike Cohen these days, only in a different way. Kudos to independent thinkers.

Lily got on my bad side around 3 a.m. She didn’t just tease Gizzie. She tried to attack him. She upset him so much he came to me and cried, threw up on the bed, and wanted cuddles and loves, which I most certainly gave him. Gizzie is the only one she picks on. She’s fine with the other two. He’s a bit bewildered with her as he’s always been a peaceful kitty. He really always did care for other cats and humans. It may have been because of our managing a shelter for so long. At any rate, she gets away with murder with Mark. She’s “Daddy’s Girl”. She is never punished enough. I stay out of it and love Gizzie extra when he needs me. It’s just that fighting, for him, is not his thing. It was never my thing, either.

I also rarely argue. Arguing is pointless. So is being opinionated. You get my point?

I’m still trying to find my legs today. I have yet to take any pills. I’m beginning to think this is my underlying issue – all the pills. I understand that I need them, but the cost physically is high. I’d like to find a way around them. The thought of abject acceptance of frustrating physical failure is just not acceptable to me.