My, how life has changed.

Today, 48 years ago, I was married the first time. It lasted 15 years. Three children were born. My ex-husband was so angry that he did everything he could to try to destroy me, including taking my children away from me and attempting to create a scenario separating my own family from me. That worked with one sister who has subsequently been disowned. It didn’t work with my mother and father or my other sister. I have absolutely no qualms about the misunderstanding with my children and no regrets regarding that one sister.

My second marriage occurred when I was homeless to a man who was a gangster. It was a huge mistake and lasted two months. I didn’t realize how much it put me in harm’s way for a couple of years, but to this day, I understand the concept of “guilt by association” better than I ever did.

This is my third and final marriage. I’m extremely proud and happy. I married a retired newsman. Brilliant. We talk about many things, things we read, things we see on video, and some things others say to us. I’m allowed to geek. I’m not considered stupid. We are very happy to have found each other. This is how it should end.