I’d Best Leave It Alone

I’ve been messing with my WordPress sites and mulling another, but I can’t suss out whyever I would need yet another. I’ll dispense with the idea of another one, eventually this year fine tune the name/identity marker of this one, and turn this one into an “everything”. It really is the essential “me”, anyway, isn’t it?

I’m leaving Facebook in the dust for its penchant to hurt and control. I don’t need that; I’m just not willing to give up my freedom to say what I want or to be misconstrued, which is what happened this time. I’m enjoying hanging with Jimmy Wales. I have lost my enjoyment for most of Zuckerberg. He wouldn’t know sarcasm if it bit him in the backside. As far as I am concerned, The End.

I read about a study today that claims muscle pain is not linked to statin use after all. This makes sense to me. My joint issues have been there most of my life and can be remedied someday with joint replacements. On the other hand, my morning meds cause severe balance issues. I take ACE inhibitors, beta blockers, and an aspirin, so you tell me why I can’t stand up without a walker. As for my Sarcoidosis risks, it’s clear that my issues are minimal. I use an OPEP. That’s it. No meds, thankfully. I hate pills and wouldn’t use any if I had my way.

In my world, any Autism Spectrum identifier currently in use to attempt to describe me is just that – an attempt – and a pathetic one at that.The several tries by those in the psychiatric and psychological communities to niche me have fallen flat on their asses. I’m bright, tested at the age of 11 with an IQ 157, and I both follow routines and inherently know things because they seem logical to me.

Society, especially these days, is dumber than a box of rocks. There’s a constant history for this that goes back millions of years. Names, dates, and social progressions change as we progress through time. With each change, we either step back or step forward, and never completely peacefully. I study anthropology and archeology. Did I ever tell you that?

This may be enough for today. We’ll see.