Zuckerberg’s Gulag

I was put in Facebook lockdown, literally, and accused, through a non-human algorithm process, of using my sarcasm in a Facebook unfriendly manner. I was banned for 2 days. They called my ban “fact checking.” yet it was something others had posted with an equal amount of sarcasm without any sort of fact checking or subsequent ban. I will barely appear on FB from now on and am seriously considering removing it completely. I deleted the FB subsidiary Instagram account. All others bought and owned by Zuckerberg are off my list. I’ve gone rogue.

While I had accounts at Minds, MeWe, WT Social, and Medium for a couple of days, all social media platforms are now suspicious to me. My interest is in the one place which has not caused me trouble over the past 20 years, which is here. This is where I am now spending my time.

Zuckerberg had rashly said in public that his desire was to hurt people.  I don’t wish to be one of those people as he slowly sinks. He won’t take me with him. I’d rather speak/write here. I might even create another page depending on several things.

If you want me, I’m at my failsafe here. If you don’t,  oh well.