Does this qualify?

I’m going to have to go back to the autoimmune specialist with things. I’m gradually learning through Mayo, Cleveland, and VCU, but something else always comes up, so I spend even more time in research. I’m certainly not a medical professional or scientist in anyway, but I understand my body better than anyone, and my years in the world of medicine makes me “get it” more than some.

Yes, this is rare. Everything I’ve had over the years has had a connection to the term “rare”. What I have found is a deep root in family DNA. It’s just a thing. No one knows what causes it. They may never know. But it is, while impossible to cure, treatable. It may go away on its own someday. It may never go away. The chances of it killing me are virtually nil.

But there are times my chest feels raw. One thing I eat frequently is frozen grapes. I often cough violently because it makes my lungs feel cold. The same is true with frozen blueberries. I rarely eat yogurt. I’m not supposed to have dairy. Just…WTF??

I sit back in the recliner and the angle throws off my lungs. Severe coughing? I don’t have this issue sitting up. My ability to breathe, while still decent, is still, in its own way, labored. My chest feels heavy. It’s not like a ton of bricks, but still heavy.

My weight is fine. I am about 6 pounds overweight. I’d work on that if I could. When I get lung capacity and energy back, I will.

There are many things that contribute to all of this, not just Sarcoidosis. I have high blood pressure. I had a very old heart murmur repaired with subsequent debris. I have had breast cancer twice. I’ve had 6 strokes over time. It all adds up and intertwines. One can’t make logical sense out of it. There are no pat answers. I am an individual. I may be a weird individual, but an individual nonetheless. Actually, so are you.