Flat-Earthers Slay Me.

I use that term figuratively. Lately every medical issue has been labeled a potential COVID symptom. Give me a break. I was born in 1953 with hiccups. I have also had problems breathing almost that long. My lung issues are not COVID related at all. This sounds like a legal scam. “If you have such and such you may be entitled to compensation.” Blah. Blah. Blah.

That’s like saying autism is connected to vaccines. I was autistic long before vaccines were a thing and long before Asperger Syndrome, first found in the 1940s was actually identified as a neurodevelopmental issue. I can thank my childhood psychologist for his research especially into Hans Asperger’s work and tentative personal deductions which came about decades before this ever was included in the DSM and sanctioned by the medical community. They’ve continued to argue its points. This disgusts me. I just know who I am and what I’m like. The fact that they have to put a label on it is crap to me.

Then there’s the autoimmune thing. I have one. It’s a quirky hereditary part of my DNA. It’s not related to consumption or any normal thing we do as humans, although many of us in the family are still learning what behaviors exacerbate the disorder. One of them for me is the avoidance of anti-inflammatory medication. This includes MTX, Prednisone, NSAIDs, most known chemotherapies, and the overconsumption of other forms of anti-inflammatory items. I keep looking for alternatives. I so hate prescriptions and herbs that I continue to seek mechanical contributions.

I’m actually starting to find them! Stay tuned.