General Life

I don’t know this General, but he must be very understanding.

He gets the autistic side of me. He knows I am very touchy. He also knows my curiosity knows no bounds. He is as astounded as I am that I have so many things written, but not enough. Why? Because of that verysame curiosity. I have 3 pages here, 3 pages there, and again 3 pages secreted in another file. I sometimes amaze myself. Look at the last thing I posted. It’s long and involved and perhaps projects something you didn’t know about me. It will continue. Be prepared.

I found paperwork about my biological family. It includes their mention as passengers on the D deck of the Metagama in the fall of 1923, going from Glasgow to Montreal. That’s an incredible gain in knowledge for me. I also found out some things about my adoptive mother, who was a Hall. While a bit of her family history is blurred and not recorded properly, I am grateful for family letters that were an unofficial record of some events.

To say the reading has been interesting would be an understatement.

I have okay days and not okay days researching this Sarcoidosis. What has been common for so many is not my version of common. Try to tell that to medical “experts”. This is why I love my doctor. She understands anomalies. Boy, does she understand anomalies! The ability to research, too, is a massive plus. I’ve been doing this most of my life. I’m glad I know how to do this.