Well, that didn’t last…

I had a Facebook account in my name until today. Zuckerberg and his beloved algorithms really did me in. They notified me that I was mentioned in a post in a group in which I was not a member. In order for me to stay – because of family and such – I had to set up a pseudonym. I’m still in touch with those few through Facebook, but I have resolved to stop sharing my blog posts there. My lovely sister left Facebook entirely. I still might do the same.

I’ve been reading some very lousy free ebooks. I’m desperate for something decent. There are a ridiculous number of wannabes who shouldn’t. We seem to be going through as severe a decline in literary quality now as we did in the 20s and 30s. I’m not a snob, actually, just a little picky about what my brain and eyes are willing to accept. For me, grammar is a big thing. Use it. Fill me with wonder, vocabulary, and grammar. Please. It’s all part of a fabulous story for me.

As I worked this week on this site, I evaluated several things. I tried building several sites on different platforms. Kindle apparently doesn’t play well with others. I’m kind of stuck here for many reasons and can’t/won’t spend unnecessary funds to comply further with First World behavior. Several platforms didn’t have downloadable apps, so that let them out immediately. GoDaddy tried to play god with me, rather enthusiastically, I might add, but their supposed interface with WordPress would have cost me more than double. That’s definitely out. I ain’t playin’ that game. Blogger hates me, even through their app. So, I have wrapped my loving arms around this WordPress site, paid to turn it into a domain, and here we happily stay.

We’ll see how the rest of this goes.

I’m feeling fine today. I’m just tired.