My First Weekly.

With my fears in childhood compounded by family members telling me I talk too much, I tried slowing down on what I consider to be my status as a chatterbox by going from a daily blog to a weekly blog. We’ll see if I can do this. If someone has something to say about that, for Pete’s sake do say something! My email is maggie.dorroh@gmail. com.

This week’s current events give me pause. I have only one statement to make. Stupid is as stupid does. It applies to all sides.

I had Parler for less than a week about six months ago. They were far too stupid and irrational for me. Twitter played the same opinionated game with me, and I consequently deactivated it entirely out of complete disgust.

But I created a second blog site on Blogger. Shoot me now. I have no idea what to do with it, but it will come in handy eventually.

My health since Friday has been autistically sketchy. The screaming in my head wasn’t necessarily at a high volume, but it was and still is a constant dull roar. The vibrant colors are neverending. It gives me a perpetual headache. Acetaminophen is my BFF these days, and except for one night I have not slept enough. It makes me bitchy.

The Sarcoidosis? I finally have developed full-on COPD-like lung stuff. Because I can’t take anti-inflammatory meds without some severe consequences, I have been on the lookout for alternatives to prescription medicine. I may have found just such a thing, thanks to Australia and their national medical society. We shall see. The more I investigate this, the better it sounds. The fewer medicines I have to take, the better my body will be.

And I ain’t dead yet!

Moving right along with writing stories based on my family’s history, I’ve been thinking about approaches. It didn’t take me long to rule out romance and sex. Assumption on both will be good enough. For me, mentioning either goes against my style of writing. I’d be lying to myself if I tried to write any of that. I just can’t pull that off. Straightforward and honest, though much will have to be fictionalized, is more my speed.

I can’t say enough about the creativity involved writing a good story that breaks the current wall of having to add useless material in order to “sell” it. I don’t need or want to sell it, just write it. Let’s see if my writing creativity goes beyond the current level of popularity. I’d rather be an honest, real writer than a fake one whose goal is to be on some contrived bestseller list.

Monday’s post is done. I could talk/write every day, but I’ll try not to inundate you with the way my mind rambles.