Despite all the panic found in the media, fueled by pure idiocy, 2021 will be like every year before it. Legitimate history will be just that and carry forth appropriately. Everything else will just be garbage that will be buried as it should be. Let nature play out. That’s what I’m going to do.

One thing that has been disconcerting to me has been a limit to my search for a method to controlling my Sarcoidosis issues without the apparent American penchant for over medicating with anti-inflammatory chemotherapy medications. And they wonder why we have addiction issues! I found a possible solution to my own issue with a company out of Australia, backed by their medical association. The unit is only $70. I’m willing to try it. I certainly don’t need more pills in my system. I’ll let you know how it works.

I started keeping a journal on the 1st. It will be amazing this time next year to see what sort of general things took place and how I felt about them.

I also started writing from two different directions. The important thing for me is to just keep writing.

Something else we were talking about today was seeing if Jimmy was interested in having either one of us edit for Wikipedia. The hunt begins. I, for one, may be crippled, but my mind and at least one finger still work!

Our cats are still saints to us. Right now, after a scary start to the year, Gizzie is lying in my lap snoozing away, Roger is napping on Mark’s chair, Lily is at the top of the kitty tree and Pip, little character that he is, is holding down the bed. Everyone is at peace.

I am currently looking at the mid-1600s and our family’s involvement in both the Dutch Reformed and Scottish Protestant churches’ behavior during witch hunts. Many in my families were midwives and “herbalists”. More than one family friend was a physician. Stories abound!

I found a back door into my mother’s biological parents’ lineage. It will take extra work, but I have more time, than money, so why not?

I’ll have more to say next week.