Nollaig Chridheil!

No email, no outside chaos, beautifully quiet. That’s perfect. Roger is cuddled in the blanket at my feet. Everybody has their spot lined up. Everyone is happy for now.

As I was thinking about my family and its traditions, one particular thing stuck out in my mind. It seems that nurses on my father’s side go back a very long way – to herbalists and midwives. To adhere to these traditions for hundreds of years shows an interesting level of adaptation and perseverance that has to be more than just tradition. We are fascinating folk.

Th buildup of anti-inflammatory properties in my system are taking over today. I am tired and coughing. I have an overwhelming desire to go back to bed. To sleep; perchance to dream…

For many of you this is a holiday. For me, it’s just quiet and peaceful.