I Appreciate, Not Celebrate.

Something about this season and, come to think of it, subsequent seasons, have become human-driven by those with a penchant for sociability, something to which I don’t relate. Everyone should do their own thing, though. Just don’t expect anything from me. It is ridiculously expensive and unnecessary. I appreciate every day because it’s unique and special. Everything else is a human element that means pretty much nothing to me.

“Look at the snow, how it falls a certain way and clings to trees!” Yes! It’s beautiful!

“I threw fairy lights all over and made them flash! Everything I own is seasonal and ceramic or plastic! I am so cool!” Meh. Not.

I deal in real. I spend no money on fake.

But have a happy whatsit/whozit, anyway.

The change in the med schedule has worked two days in a row. The wails of the ban sidhe both nights around 2 a.m. notwithstanding, I am a bit sleepy, but otherwise doing well. I just need to steel myself to the noise.

The headaches, though…

Did I mention how absolutely stunned I have been over my indiviual families’ histories going through the different generations? I’ve been madly writing in many cases as if I had been there. I found ancestors who actually sailed to America in the mid-1500s. Can you imagine?? What must life have been like in the wilds of a new land like that? Why were they there? Who decided it was the right thing to do? Why were THEY chosen? Questions abound and there’s no one here to answer them but me in my own speculative way. I have much more to research.