It Went Like This…

I slept solidly last night. As Daddy would say, “like a rock”. I hadn’t realized rocks ever slept until Daddy said so.

The shift in medications has made a difference so far. We’ll see if it continues. I love the steadiness all day. No feeling as if I were falling off a cliff. No vertigo. The plan seemed to work. Honestly, though, the congestion and coughing continue. So do the headaches. I feel like I’m taking a rather large amount of Tylenol every day.

I now need to try to remedy the itch problem that has increased by leaps and bounds. Just one more thing. My list of aggravations grows.

On the plus side, I’m not dead yet!

I keep filling in branches in my family tree. It just gets more fascinating. There are more connections to history than I had ever thought possible. I can “see” scenarios that would have personally either dragged my family along or at least touched them.

At times a bit of a chill goes up my spine. It seems a sudden realization that we lived through this. Where I had felt at arm’s length before, I no longer do.

I hope nothing happens to me for a long time. I have so much to learn!