Monday Wheels Through.

Things that irritate don’t generally happen on the same day, but this is the first day of Solstice. Jupiter and Saturn will come the closest they have been in a good 800 years. It messes with things like cat behaviors, human behaviors and just stuff in general. I think someone wrote a couple of songs about our place in the universe. This was probably what they were talking about.

Meds. Medicine is a wonder. One of the things I wonder is how it can go wrong on such a simple thing as stability and then tell us to live with it because fixing the flaws are not part of the SuperScientist contract. I just don’t accept it as any sort of “truth” because I’m a resolver. I WILL fix it.

As I have been formulating this history of my family, another book idea a friend of mine inadvertently suggested also has me fired up. Just how I will write it, I’m not sure, but it will have several current points to make. I’d call it a memoir, but that’s a little too pat/cliché. It sounds more like a how-to book. Depending on its direction, it could be angry or from a more kindly survival point of view. We shall see.

Travels along family ancestry lines have been interesting and could give me a supreme headache if I weren’t so broad minded. It’s great to understand that there is a logic in life’s natural culture and anthropology.