This is So Exciting!

Through the wonders of technology and the absence of censorship, I have access to the original words, be they Old English, Elizabethan English or Modern British English, of Thomas Potts, Sir Thomas Browne, Thomas A Spalding, Thomas Hobbes, Wagstaffe, and a plethora of others. The role individual family members played in everything from Pendle Hill to North Berwick, and even other random clusters varied through their acceptance of different religious mindsets, superstitious bends toward herbology, midwifery, witchcraft, science, medicine, and whatever else required having real and tangible thoughts in one’s head. Many times I have thought about what’s happening today and see there just isn’t much difference. Ignorance runs rampant, just as it has since at least the 1500s.

The environments, poverty levels, living conditions, all play a part in this, even today. The forests, hamlets, villages, and towns had cultural agendas that really aren’t noticed until you read the words of those who were there.

So reading and note-taking continue.

Sarcoidosis continues to be an aggravation. There are things I eat that are exceptionally good for me that add, temporarily, to that aggravation. I’m learning to live with them. Why? Because you can’t make me go without coffee, chocolate, yogurt, some cheese, and a few olives. They’re not killing me. They just enhance the granulomas present especially in my lungs.

I need to find a way around frozen items in my diet. My lungs have always been sensitive, even from my babyhood bout with croup and several other childhood diseases. I’ll never get over them, so I’ll just bear with them.

Off to continue research!