It’s All Good.

You know, I’m not here to build some sort of readership. Building that kind of thing requires a certain responsibility with which I just don’t intend to comply. I am me. Enjoy it or not. If you don’t, oh, well. If I make you uncomfortable, oh well. If you disagree with me, again I say, oh well. I write randomly. Therefore I am. It costs me. I pay for it. Meh.

Healthwise, I seem to be okay. The bloodwork siphoned from me last week, says there a two point difference in my blood sugars and triglycerides. I’m old. It happens. I also am able to control the path my father’s side of the family took through diet, weight control, and thumbing my nose at family heritage. There are several overweight members of my family and I’ll be darned if they don’t take insulin, for one thing. But try to explain that they may have brought this on themselves. They use family heritage as an excuse. Unless they are afflicted with things they cannot control, that doesn’t work for me as anything but an excuse.

How much do you love others? Do what you can for them, if not for yourself. Promoting excuses is just pure laziness and tells me more about you than I ever want to know.

My own autoimmune problems today are very minor. I’m in very little pain, my mobility is fair, the bed is made, and we’re getting on peacefully with the day.

I’m reading about daemonology and witchcraft right now in the 1500s and 1600s. I have located some ancestors who operated through Catholicism, Protestantism, paganism, and various self-righteous groups and some of the documents they wrote or were written about them. I think I hit a motherlode of knowledge.

I still thank Ailish Sinclair for showing me the way. Everything that has to do with my family’s adventures has a starting point in her glorious words.

Wish me luck.