Autism is not a label.

Reading every “definition” of autism, it is very complicated. One cannot put a label on it. Definitely don’t put a label on ME.

I’m smart. They say at the age of 11, I had an IQ of 168. What does that mean, exactly? I avoided everything that had to do with that label, including Mensa and National Honor Society. It’s more difficult to answer questions wrong when you know the right answers, believe me, but necessary in order to avoid the label.

I don’t associate with many humans, but I’m empathetic. I know things inherently. I have a schedule. I refuse to adapt to socially acceptable yet illogical things. I will always believe that humans are generally stupid. They say my brain track is not normal. According to whom? And in whose idea of society?

I started reading when I was three. I quickly developed an interest that went into the areas of both paleontology and anthropology. Adults had a heck of a time back home making me stay in what they called the children’s section. They finally called my mother who then checked out books for me in her name to avoid a conflict. Rules were rules. I didn’t follow them. In the early 1960s, I gave new meaning to the term “independent study”. This continued on through college. I found a way to get four different degrees through independent study, so I did.

As time went on, I just got quirkier. I scoffed at money. Helping the poor and homeless was a thing for me. I took that mindset to the Balkans, got in trouble for my firm belief in the importance of leveling the playing field, took off for Scotland hoping the outlook would brighten while there, and was forced back to the U.S. when they took away my passport and called me “subversive”. Me? Subversive? G.W. was a problem for me. It took 10 years and the Obama administration to resolve this. By then I was too tired to go anywhere else. I remained local.

Enough about that for now.

My family history, like everyone else’s, continues to make me say, “How about that!” Yesterday and today it was in Daddy’s family. Who knows where it will be today? It will make a very interesting story in the end.