It’s All In Your Attitude.

The weather forecast is for a day of freezing rain. I will have to say that in my experience, freezing rain in Iowa is a much angrier occurrence. It will be interesting to see how this plays out here in Virginia along the Chesapeake Bay.

I’m surprised that my pain levels are low. Now, mind, my legs are very heavy and stiff, but they, like my brain, are not hurting yet. Give it time and prescriptions. I won’t take meds until about 10. That seems to work well for me. I make the bed, do other things I think I need to do, and only have to stand and do dishes after lunch, sometime before 4.

Some people may find this strange, but I am a child of the sun. I don’t function well if I have to get up in the dark these days. Functioning physically after sundown is almost impossible and is usually when my brain gears down. This time of year, my brain is willing to work between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. That’s not Mommy Time. That’s generally Industry Time. My Prime Time.

Of all that has happened to me lately, the brain injury was probably the worst. I now get “bed spins” from the first round of medications on. While I’m wobbly from 6 a.m. on, it’s a sort of stable wobble, if that makes sense. Then I take myriad pills that they say will save my life. I guess it depends on your perception of quality of life. Truth? My beautiful and loving husband is my true quality of life. Without him, I can’t imagine, despite my few friends and my sister, who I love dearly, what quality would exist.

When I can afford stationary wheels, I’ll get them, and mobility will be much better. I will be able to use my “Canadian Crutches”. Unfortunately, my gait is such that I can’t use the treadmill any more. Between my left hip and the cartilage I’ve lost in both knees since childhood, the stop-and-go of my current gait is a joke. I have a walker for a reason.

Research yesterday was used to fill in a few holes in my family saga. I was also unabashedly sidetracked by a book called the Demonology written by and about my ancestor James I/VI of Scotland. It deals with his interest in witchcraft, the lies he uncovered, his own poor health since birth, his printing of the KJV of the Bible, the purpose behind the subsequent rewriting of the same, and how people were once sucked in by an era of mob hysteria. It’s interesting to see that the world is still subject to such hysteria. It makes me glad I am a student of facts, truth, and explanations, even at my age.

Unfortunately I am going to have to use means that will cost me in order to really heal my heart about my mother. My adoptive grandmother left a great deal unexplained. Finding truths is difficult, thanks to her.