It’s dark, rainy and therefore an achy day. Anyone who claims that weather has nothing to do with this is obviously not old and suffering from an autoimmune disorder like mine. I’m still going to continue on with the day’s regularly scheduled activities. One thing keeping to the schedule does for me is make me aware that I ain’t dead yet! I can’t imagine doing otherwise.

In my family research travels, I found some very strange information that I’m still trying to work out. My 8th great-grandfather was born on Dalke Street in Edinet, Moldova, Ukraine. His family originated there, and statements were made that he was born Ashkenazi. But his surname was Clyde, and that name was claimed as originally Ukrainian and Scottish. There seems to be fair claim at the time to both. If this is the case, I will willingly embrace this as a part of my life. However, further investigation is necessary to keep me from being untruthful.

Another piece of information was that there were official Poor Laws in Scotland and he qualified for them. Another piece to investigate!

It all does bring extra character to the story, eh? We shall see.

This needs to be short today as we battle the weather and pain.