Sunday As It Ever Was

This is a quiet day, though my four-legged task master has been emphatically meowing to stick to the schedule. So, the bathroom has been used to take the appropriate pills, the bed is made, and three kitty breakfasts have been consumed. In case anyone doesn’t know this, my life revolves around my husband and my cats. This pandemic has been wildly pleasing to me, personally. I am not socially adept. I don’t hate people necessarily; I just function better without general human interaction.

Weird, huh?

I’m reading today. So far, the works have been focused on different elements of the influx of various forms of Protestantism, from Dr. Martin Luther to John Knox to John Calvin, and others seemingly more recent. The levels of egotism found in all forms of Christianity and Judaism don’t surprise me. It also doesn’t surprise me that superstition and mob behavior surrounding all of them led us to present times. Because of its effect on most of my family to date, it will be incorporated in the book.

As an aside, I found a black and white picture of my sister and me at what became the Henry Doorly Zoo before it was so named in 1963. I actually remember that trip. It is one of three zoos that had an impact on my life: Henry Doorly, Brookfield, and Edinburgh. There were different reasons for the impact, but they all centered around “dancing penguins”.

Mama’s adoption story is expanding. Notes and passages bloom hourly. It’s time to continue.