In The Beginning…

I’m telling myself that this is the start. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. I will say this. Taking pills around 8 and trying to get everything muscle-driven done first makes the day run smoother. So does turning off the dad-blamed phone. Nobody ever calls me, just doctors, but still…We can say I’m not a popular person, but that’s the way I want it. This pandemic has been perfect for me. I don’t have to see anyone but my beautiful husband. I love it.

Traipsing into the muck and mire of family history has been interesting. I find that I have a plethora of books even dating back to the early 1600s that take me through the Reformation, my relative’s connection to everything from saints to reformers to early paganism.

Then we have a mish-mosh of travelers from everywhere: Denmark, Normandy, Kattegat (honestly!), Rus, Ukraine, both sides of Hadrian’s Wall, and not leaving out Aberdeenshire, John O’ Groats, and both the Isle of Mann and The Hebrides.

I was apparently smart enough to take some decent notes a few years ago that are still with me today. They were things I didn’t lose to the heartless actions of others when my life seemed to fall apart. I do wish I still had some of the original documents my adoptive grandfather had accumulated, but they were thrown away by a former sibling who felt it was all unnecessary. This is one of the reasons I legally disowned this person globally. It cost a bit. All things considered, the preservation of my sanity, the removal of guilt, and the subsequent peace were worth it. Some might say I am unforgiving. I say removing the issue helped me forgive myself. That, in itself, is very important.

So on we go today with passages. I’ll work them around into a full story next year.