I am serious.

If anyone thinks my medical condition is normal, they have another think coming. I have a sensitivity to all forms of anti-inflammatory prescription meds that puts me in the throes of debilitating head, lung, mucus membrane and nasal problems that would make a hospital stay for me permanent. Because of medication? Yes. No prednisone, methotrexate, ibuprofen…none of that. I have a proven 30+ year cancer and autoimmune history. “Oh, nonsense. Let’s try…”

No. Every time I do, I get sicker. There has to be a better way without using anti-inflammatories of any kind, NSAIDs or not.

Muscle tone during the day is always hampered by meds. I’m a little stiff first thing mainly because I’m old, but after that, I’m pretty mobile until meds. That’s when I lose strength and any mobility in my left leg and hand.

That’s why Gizzie is always after me to get the bed made early, bless his little kitty heart.

Today’s moan is out of the way.

In doing a little background family history yesterday, I glommed onto a nugget my new friend Ailish Sinclair talked about in her book The Mermaid and The Bear. She said James I/VI was responsible for many religious issues around 1597. Absolutely spot on, she is, and I hate to admit a family connection to him. In the journeys of my mother, I won’t mention him specifically, but it’s always good to remember his stark involvement in the rewriting of the protestant version of the new testament (KJV). It reminds me why I am neither a protestant nor a papist.

This had to be a bit of a struggle for all of mother’s biological family. If I ken, the Wallonian Belgians were all papist while every Scot in the family admitted only that they were protestant, specifically Presbyterian. That may be true from the standpoint of their family name, Stiùbhart.

I truly love when my new friends inadvertently help me out and point me in an interesting direction. Thank you, Ailish! If you haven’t read this book yet, you need to add it to your list: The Mermaid and The Bear.