Real Winter in Virginia Today.

We finally received snow this morning. It has ended for the day, and there’s not much of it, but it hangs beautifully on leaves, waiting to pack up and move on. Our high is expected to be around 40° F, so it won’t be long until the snow will be gone.

I read quite a bit this weekend and got very little else done. What I did do was find my grandparents, but not really through the Metagama manifest. They were considered stowaways because they were too poor to pay regular fare. I’ll explain better later.

A great deal of my daily frustration has been from my inability to focus well. My headaches range from a feeling of lopsidedness to downright debilitating pounding. I’ve been told this is from a combination of my several strokes and the presence of sarcoidosis in my heart and lungs. Like I have a choice. I cannot treat this normally because of a lifelong sensitivity to certain things. Of course not. I absolutely cannot take any sort of NSAID or plain anti-inflammatory. So you tell me what to do next. I haven’t clue.

I behave like a cripple. I hate that. While I can only type with my left hand, I am at least brilliantly fast, so that’s a plus. Let’s get on with the day, shall we?