Books! Why, yes, I have a few…

Refreshing my literary source, I find I have over 10k books accessible to me in eReader form. Most are TBR. More than half, in fact. Apparently my interests are varied and often weird. I could have satisfied my curiosity with some subjects with a quick Wiki search. But here I sit with far too much accessible through my Kindle account. And ReadEra. It boggles my mind.

Often stimming wreaks havoc. Last night and again this morning I heard my mother singing and playing our old Vose grand piano. I played the accompanying part on my air grand, and my fingering didn’t suck! It was some Scott Joplin. That’s my regular stim. If you say that’s a bit unusual, I’d have to agree. But that’s me.

Today I went to my favorite NP and had my annual physical. I passed. I am a physical human being. I’m missing a few parts, but I am still considered physical. Now I don’t have to go anywhere until August of 2021. That’s a major “win” for me.

Right now I’m reading Bryn Greenwood’s The Reckless Oath We Made. I am convinced that we are related somehow. It’s in how she speaks about these people and their situations. I bet money some of my cousins on that side of the family would agree with me. And I do adore her. She may not want to hear that, but still…

This weekend will be intense. I’m not likely to be here. I found things. I need to collect and organize. Shoot me now!