Wednesday As It Ever Was

It’s the second of the month, but the middle of the week. The bed camels helped me make the bed and are now lying on their appropriate pillows and resting after their most difficult task making sure I straightened all the corners of the quilt.

You missed a spot, Mom. Let me sit on it for you to remind you.

When you have the autoimmune disorders of cardiac and pulmonary sarcoidosis running concurrently, you appreciate the presence of the boys and husband, willing advocates to your getting things done yourself. I could have said, “Oh woe is me!” and become a rotting stump in the corner, but they’re firm believers in letting me do things myself.

In the process of living, I have always ignored my health. Four bouts of cancer, five strokes, a brain injury, a life threatening heart murmur, and myriad doctors all wanting to try this and that have fair put me on a mental precipice from which I wasn’t sure I could step away.

But, thanks to my husband’s lifesaving efforts, I did just that. We are a team.

Now, mind, I will never design lights again, and I’ll never get to hang with my old heavy metal or rock friends anymore. My days as a high rigger are over. I can’t stand on my own. I’m even wobbly with a walker. Being a biped at all is a scary proposition.

All those years I spent as an independent journalist overseas? Done. Actually, that stopped rather abruptly for me when my passport was taken from me. I was forced back, essentially, to the U.S. It took 10 years and a nice note from the Obama Administration to have it returned.

Honesty in reporting is viewed differently by different groups. Be aware that checking facts isn’t always the perfect thing to do around some. I haven’t actually needed a passport since that time, but it’s nice to know I can get one again should I need or want it.

As for my family research, I have more ground to cover than I had originally thought. Susan Neiman once said that there are things we will never understand about our lives, cultures, governments, and general attitudes if we don’t try. Understanding is, without a doubt, key.

More later.