Headaches and Reading

Just a quick note late today. I have massive troubles concentrating enough to say much after 2 p.m., thanks to my brain injury a while back. It’s 4 p.m. now. A neighbor is hammering something, our kittens are either licking their paws or snoring a bit emphatically, and, as much as I love him, my former rockstar husband is thrumming loudly against his tablet as he reads. His OCD is a contributing factor.

I’m finding more odd bits of information about my biological grandfather, the series of events that led up to the start of WWI and my biological grandmother’s home in Belgium, and the excitement surrounding his initial march across the Western Front and finding her. The publications I’ve found are so remote, I can’t believe I found them at all.

It seems like I’m doing this research randomly, but we have to admit this entire situation is widespread, varied, and generally encompasses half the world. How do we make this all gel? The answer is in my head, I know it. There is a treasure buried somewhere. We just have to find the golden key.