As we continue…

I did do some reading yesterday that will seem odd to many, but the environment surrounding people and their participation in it makes them who they are and brings life to any story.

For instance, my grandfather’s grandfather was an avid participant in the ’45 in Scotland, so much so that there was a warrant out for his arrest for supporting Bonnie Prince Charlie, and so he quickly fled to Canada to save his life.When HIS son was an adult, it was all over, and so his son went back to Scotland and resumed family business ventures.

All of this led to two things: my grandfather’s participation in the 17th H.L.I. during World War I, and his resolve to take his new Belgian wife to Canada to build a better, for him, new life.

Much about where he landed in Saskatchewan moderately explains what happened. This includes the natives, the “frontier” aspect surrounding them, the effects of the Riel Rebellion not even 50 years before, and the state of politics in Saskatchewan.

This is part of the history that made Mama. For me, it counts for something.