So far…

I have learned that people with a heritage of adoptees, especially between 1927 and 1945, have many individual stories to tell, mostly surrounding The Orphan Train movement, Georgia Tann, and the shock of acceptably selling one’s children. They run the gamut of every type from simple and compassionate journalistic research to 21st century activism to some pretty pathetic romance novels.

I had actually acquired two sappy romance novels in particular and got completely fed up with their approach, I quickly returned them. My reason was that I had acquired them accidentally. I have learned more about the difference between regular historical fiction and historical romance. The latter gives me a major headache. I have a hard time accepting its fluffy and trite treatment of a very disturbing time in history.

I’m also disgusted by all the orphan train titles. Come on, people. There’s more to it than that. It’s not always a “Gone Girl” title, so stop with the marketing ploy. To me, it’s the old bait and switch. I’m not having it.

Today, I continue to read and research. Right now, it looks like I may finally begin writing by Christmas.