As I was reading this afternoon…

I realized something that has been annoying of late. Many writers, most of them rather new at this, need atta-boys and pats on the back ad nauseum. I’m not going to need all that praise-be-to-me I’m-a-brilliant-author crap. I am who I am. I have a story to tell about my real family. If others read it, fine. I don’t need to be some Canada goose and honk about it.

Don’t get me wrong. These women are fine writers. I just can’t tolerate all the trumpeting and getting all righteously womanly like they do. For someone like me, it’s embarrassing. It’s all a big girl’s club. I’m not like that.

And I have yet to join a damn book club and yapyapyap. I just won’t do it.

Okay. I have that off my chest now. Back to research.