A path of Confusion

I’ve done a little reading which puts a sketchy beginning to Mom’s story. The hardscrabble part began before her birth. That caused a move from Saskatchewan, Canada, to somewhere in Colorado by the time she was two. This may have been their second move out of Canada prior to the actual financial crash of 1927. I have heard rumblings that they had stopped in Montana first, but I can’t verify that.

I can verify that Mom had two brothers. I met one when I was very little. The claim was that he wanted money from my adoptive grandparents, and the police escorted him out of town. I know this is what the police did. I saw it happen. I’m a bit skeptical on their excuse for it. From what I have sussed, all my uncle wanted was family contact. From what I have read about the experience of Depression-era adoptions, I can understand that point of view.

Continuing on, I have not found a good starting point, but it’s like Mama taught me about painting. Start with what looks like a scribble and let it grow. It will.