Today is the 19th. After much scrambling and scrapping in the last two days, I’ve finally come up with a WordPress blog theme that makes me reasonably happy. I’ll go with it for now. Anyone who knows me and understands the transient life I’ve led, coupled with my mother’s penchant for always moving furniture about, will know that I might change it at a later date.

Most people know WordPress. It’s pretty common and easy to navigate. I have used it in various forms for years. I think this will be beneficial.

For a while I need to read and research, though. As I go along, I’ll talk about what I find. So far, I’m learning that what happened with Mom was not such a strange thing in those days, but it creates a bit of a frustrating void now in the 21st Century. The concept of the story can no longer center around my biological grandparents. It has to center around Mom.