There is so much to learn, so much to still locate, and so much to write! It’s almost as if I could write my own encyclopedia of family existence. If I were to take all of this information just found so far, I could easily write 30 books. My mind is reeling and certainly not that organized. This is just in the U.S., mind you.

To go further if one saw where my family, most of them some sort of renegades, came from and landed, they would be gobsmacked. It’s easy to see where I got my rebellious temperament. Never let anyone tell you it’s not genetic.

I think for now I’ll go back to the Mayflower Charter and work through its inclusion in my history, incorporate some economic history that others have mentioned, work on the continued refutation of the diabolical NHC and the fake 1619 Project, and happily add my 2p to the debate through family writing.

So there.