But wait! There’s more!

I did some heavy research through an extra LDS site where much research on my adoptive family has been done. I double-checked, called for verification, and asked for certification. These particular results have come up in at least three independent searches.

This is not exactly the proudest moment in my family history, but one of my several great-grandfathers was John I of England better known as Bad King John, who was the reason England has not had a King John since.

To balance this, his father-in-law was King Malcolm II of Scotland, his wife Matilda’s father. For me, that’s an exceptional plus.

This all descends to my great-grandmother Bertha’s point on the family tree. She was married to my adoptive great-grandfather Edwin Deen. Lots of people are descended from some sort of royalty. It means very little to me. It explains a great deal, though, in the long run.

More research to do, though. My biological grandparents, victims of World War I, seem to be wiped off the face of the earth…