No NaNo this year

What I said to my very good friend Sarah who had said she thought of me with NaNoWriMo starting soon:

“I think I won’t make it this year. I’ve discovered a lot of things in my family history that require more research, so serious writing on the subject is far off at this point.
I found out that one twist in the story surrounds my great-great-grandfather emigrating to America because he had an arrest warrant out for him during the ’45 because of Bonnie Prince Charlie. All that died down, and then my great-grandfather sent himself back to Scotland because he was homesick and nobody could stop him going home. This was followed by my grandfather’s re-emigrating to Canada after WWI. Yikes! Mom’s real parents lived through a layer of upheavals! 
Add to this the fact my biological grandmother’s home town was burned to the ground, including all baptismal records and any and all family information. It just plain doesn’t exist anymore. The only things I know about her are her Red Cross involvement as an ambulance driver and that she had an uncle or cousin who won a Nobel for something.
As you can see, I have much to research yet. 🤔”

Hence the diversion from actual physical writing and the struggle to move forward with Ancestry. It seems to be moving at the speed of a tortoise, so to speak.

We continue also with rereading the 6k I wrote long ago.